Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been a while... here's what has been happening

I've been busy the past several months and have neglected my bogging! Please forgive me. Since I last wrote , I've been busy promoting Little Red Box. I've also been playing with ConFunkShun and some other local bands. I've done a few really fun shows with ConFunkShun in Las Vegas and The Sleeptrain Pavilion in Concord, CA. The Concord show was preety big and at home. It featured CFS, En Vogue, Toni Tony Tone, Lenny Williams, The E Family(w/Pete & Sheila Escovedo) and MC Hammer. The Vegas show we did was with Brick. They were all so cool and nice, it always humbles me to be around such legendary artists and to have them be so kind. I was also playing with a local group of musicians(Rene Escovedo, Ben Reyes, Steve Laciak, Johnny De La Cruz) that collectively are called "A Gozar" which means "to enjoy" in Spanish. I have so much fun playing with them because they play a great cross section of music. From Johnny Cash to Jay Z to Otmart Liebert to original music.
Now about my own project...I've gotten the live band together and we will be playing our debut show at The Depot at San Francisco State University on Nov 2, 2011. It's a great band and it's sure to be a great show. I'm very excited to finally get it together. I've done a radio interview with DJ Malachi for Luv Luv Radio. The East Bay Express newspaper also did a great review of Little Red Box. This is what they wrote: "D. Edward, Little Red Box
"Oh, that raspy, chalky, sleepy, forlorn, borderline soft-rocky male tenor.
Balladeer D. Edward does it with near-perfect intonation, bouncing off words, squeezing phrases, and bending vowels. At his best, he sounds a lot like John Mayer."
Rachel Swan - East Bay Express." Getting reviews like this affirm that I doing the right thing. On an unfortunate note, my friend and singer, Tamara Green, who sings Homeward Bound with me and her struggle with Breast Cancer was the inspiration of this song, is once again fighting cancer. I HATE CANCER!!! There is a fund set up for her and her family, The Tamara Green Wellness and Caring Fund, to help the financially and I hope that you will donate whatever you can to help. I will also be donating half of the profits of album sales of Little Red Box. So if you buy an album I will give half of everything I make from it. I love Tamara and her family and she's a fighter and inspires me everyday!
Well that's it for now and I know I say this in every blog but I will be updating my blog more often. I PROMISE!!!
All Love to you from
D. Edward
ps: Please share this blog with everyone you know. Thanks!

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