Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well I think I have ignored my blog long enough.  I apologize for not showing my blog enough attention.  So where to start... it's been so long!
Last June 2013 I started promoting my song Truly to Smooth Jazz/ AC radio finally... it was way late but better late than never!
So far I've promoted as singles "Truly" and "There She Goes" and it has been fairly successful! They've been making way onto radio stations across the USA and Canada.  My song "Love's Eternal" was picked up by V103 in Chicago for their Steppers Show and that was a pretty big deal for me, considering Chicago is the #2 radio market in America and V103 is the #1 station in Chicago!
We are going to start promoting my next 2 singles "Keep Loving You" and "The Passage" in the next two weeks.  I hope you'll hear them on a radio station near you over the next 8 weeks!

This week I just got home from a week in Los Angeles for the Grammys.  It was a magical time and a few of my friends won! One of my best friends Laura Sullivan won for Best New Age album as well as my friends the Pacific Mambo Orchestra (Best Tropical album), Brent Fischer (Best Instrumental Composition) and Jennifer Gasoi (Best Children's Album).
I plan on being in their very select group soon!

I also busy making a new record for 2014! So I'll keep you posted as things get closer to release!

I'm still working as a percussionist with ConFunkShun and they too will be releasing a new record for the first time in many decades.  So be on the look out for that as well.

I'll up date you more soon!

All Love!
D. Edward
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