Monday, December 13, 2010

News about my soon to be released CD

So I thought I would update you on my latest CD project...
I'm working on my 3rd solo CD for release early next year. It's going to be a bit different in terms of content and style than my last two. The last two were classified as jazz/smooth jazz/R&B (although, I hate having to classify my music). The 1st CD "The DC Initiative" featured guest vocalist on all of the vocal songs and half were instrumental songs. My 2nd CD, Clifton at Desmond", was mainly instrumental, with 2 vocal songs and me singing one of them.

This time out I'm singing most of the songs with a few guest vocalist on the others and it's going to be mainly vocal songs that I have written.
I haven't titled it yet. I'll still have a few guest vocalists and musicians but it's going to be classified as "Alternative/Soul/Jazz" that's the best guess as to how to categorize it. There will probably be only 3 instrumental Jazz/Latin tunes and the rest will be vocal songs, mainly about love. Love is the theme of the new release.
I will be singing more than ever on this one and playing most of the instruments(as usual). As of today, the guest vocalists & players are Victoria Theodore(from Stevie Wonder's band) & Amy Nix on Keys, Paul Hunt on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Keni Williams & Brian Abbott on Bass, Joye Carter, J Christopher & Tamara Green on Lead Vocals.
I've had a great time creating this work in progress labor of love.
I am planning on a few more guest artists before this thing is over and will update you as things progress. So far I have 15 songs but haven't yet decided if all or which ones will make the cut. Stay tuned. That's it for now...
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I have been up to lately

Well I have been busy as of late.  I played in Japan with legendary Funk/R&B group Con Funk Shun at the Cotton Club in Tokyo.  We sold out all the shows and then followed Japan with Las Vegas the following week. Well it was actually North Las Vegas at Club Tequila at the Rancho Mirage Casino.  Again the shows was sold out and it was so much fun!  After the those shows we did a show with Midnight Star in Stockton CA.  Another great show!  In between the Con Funk Shun shows I played a few shows with an amazing vocalist Omega Rae Brooks.  She is so awesome and the band is great! I also played a Halloween gig with a local cover band called Xecutive Sweet and Steamer's Grillhouse in Los Gatos CA.  We've played at Steamer's for Halloween for the past 5 or 6 years.  It is one of my most favorite shows I do each year.
I am currently working on my new CD release. Currently in the studio writing and recording.  I will be available early 2011. I taking a slightly different approach than my previous 2 releases which are still available on iTunes and
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Well that's it for now. I'll update my blog regularly, so please come back soon!