Monday, May 6, 2013

It's been a long time, I shouldn't of left you w/o a dope beat to step to

Happy 2013!
It's been too too long since I last posted to my blog but I hope you have found me in other places in the webosphere!

I've been working on new material, for over a year, to follow up my Little Red Box release and also trying to get LRB out there for everyone to hear.  I had been working to produce a video, since last spring, for my song Truly, but due to a not so reliable film maker, that project seemed like it would never happen.  Thanks to my very good friend Pierre Parker, (film maker and drummer for Lenny Williams), I finally found a film maker that could make this happen with me.  His name is Will Yick. We released the video on March 8, 2013 and it's well received.
So long story short, I was ready to let LRB go and release a new album, when the new Truly video breathed new life into the project.

As you may, or may not know, I also perform with the legendary R&B group ConFunkShun.  After seeing the Truly Video, their road manager, Rickey Richardo told me "You know the music on Little Red Box is classic music and doesn't have a shelf life" meaning continue focusing on promoting LRB instead of pushing to release something new right now.  Him saying that and all the other positive responses I have received about the video, it made me rethink the new release date.

So I've decided to release a few more videos from LRB over the next few months and am currently promoting Truly as a single to Smooth A/C (Jazz) radio.  The campaign began today May 6 and it's been added to the rotation of 2 stations, so far.  KUNV in Las Vegas, NV and WEIB in Springfield, MA!
So please listen to your local Smooth Jazz/AC radio station and request it! Call them and tell them you love it and to play it more!!! :-)
I am INDIE and need my folks support!

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Truly - Official Music Video

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