Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy in a good way!

So I went to the NAMM Show this past weekend and it was an awesome experience! Saw so many music friends and met even more. For those of you not in the music biz NAMM is the Nat'l Association of Music Merchandisers. It's where the music manufacturers show off there new products and musician like me look for endorsements and the latest new products. I was there Friday and Saturday and am still recovering from the endless walk of the trade show floor.
I'm busy reworking some songs for the new CD and writing some new material. I'm also working with a Country singer/songwriter, writing some material for a documentary about the top show horse in the USA named Blondie.
I've decided to sing more on the new CD and that's why I've been reworking some of the songs and I want to write one more ballad.
Last night(Sunday), I went to a birthday party for my friend Amy, who is also a great keyboard player(She's on the new CD). We had an impromptu jam session with all the musicians and it was a blast! I played a pie tin with a fork and people seemed relatively impressed with the fact that I was playing it. Funny :)
As a percussionist, I look at anything I can bang on and makes a noise, as an instrument!
I'm headed back into the studio now to working the new song.
I'll post another blog soon!

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